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American Indians - AMERICAN INDIANS: Websites by and about American Indians and the Native American cultures. ::::::::::::::::::::jshv095:j

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American Indians

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Manager: jliilj
AMERICAN INDIANS: Websites by and about American Indians and the Native American cultures. ::::::::::::::::::::jshv095:jshwrtr:regular:60715

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Home Page for this Webring
Home Page for this Webring
Two Horse Ranch
This site will be about my family and I
Dream Catcher Heritage Collection of the Seventh Fire
Dream Catchers are much more than trinkets of a nearly forgotten people. They are wisdom teachers of the Seven Fires. They tell stories that whisper in sissagwad, the soft wind of spirit.
KodaWolf's Domain
Over 200 all-Native links, tribal pages, personal sites, actors, singers, musicians, AIM sites, Native Scholarship links, Native News links, much more!
Star Spider Dancing
Sun Bear Medicine Wheel Information: a page for each of the 35 (Creator is #1, makes 36) stones of the Sun Bear Medicine Wheel. Also, my understanding of Native American Spirituality.

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American Indians

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