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Languages and Linguistics - An Original WebRing dating back to 1996, it is for websites about languages and/or linguisitcs.

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Languages and Linguistics

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An Original WebRing dating back to 1996, it is for websites about languages and/or linguisitcs.


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   Dr. Sivartha's Universal Language: Vesona Preview Go
Vesona, a Universal Language created in the 19th century, is based on the natural meaning of the vocal sounds, combining these sounds according to inherent laws of human thought and analogies of nature....
   Erratic Impact: Philosophy Research Base Preview Go
Categorized by history, subject and author, this meta-index features thousands of annotated links, text resources and community services for students and teachers in the field of philosophy, including the Philosophy of Language, Linquistics, Logic, Information Technology, etc.
   Indian languages and scripts Preview Go
Modern and classical languages of India. Ancient manyscripts. Calligraphy, mantras, classical texts, resources

   Squirrel in 100 Languages Preview Go
A list of nearly 100 languages and their word for "squirrel."
   The dialect of Milan, Italy. And some Ancient Egypt !!! Preview Go
My homepage has link to my grammar of the milanese dialect, a gallo-italic language. Another link will take you to ancient Egypt: discover some nice texts using clickable images of the original egyptian items.
   Half Moon Cafe Preview Go
This is a fictional hypertext, an English language story with grammar notes that helps ESL learners with reading comprehension. Recorded dialogs and quizzes are provided, too!
   Early Biblical Hebrew 1441-961 BCE: Phonetic Changes. Preview Go
The Early Legal History of Israel (1441-961 BCE), covers mainly the 480 years from the Exodus of the people of Israel from Egypt in 1441 BCE to the time when King Solomon began to build the First Temple in the fourth year of his reign (1. Kings 6, 1), which is 961 B.C.E. Linguistically, this period is characterized by phonetic, graphic and semantic changes.
   Languages and Dictionaries Preview Go
The language of the Danish minority in Schleswig, Germany. The spoken language of northern Germany. Low German - Plattdeutsch. A medieval Latin dictionary. A dictionary of computer abbreviations. Article on alphabetizing using the computer. And articles on Danish la
   Hanathlier Preview Go
At the moment we have lessons, dictionary, phrasebook, alphabet, and pronunciation guide. I am adding new lessons and terms daily.
   The dialect of Milan, Italy Preview Go
My home page contains a link to my notes about the dialect of Milan. Milanese is a gallo-italic language, and is spoken by many people in west Lombardy.

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