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Ring of Discordia - Dedicated to the worship of Eris, Goddess of Confusion and to the kind of seemingly insane concepts which, though often

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Ring of Discordia

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Dedicated to the worship of Eris, Goddess of Confusion and to the kind of seemingly insane concepts which, though often long-hidden or derided, actually underpin the Universe. Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia!

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   Thepines' Page - First House of Q.U.A.R.L. Preview Go
Q.U.A.R.L. is an organization dedicated to discrediting religious organizations.
   Preposterous Perceptions Preview Go
Home Page of the Grand Cabal of the Immanentizers of the Grenzsituationen. Discordian literature, art and zen. Come read the Ommiterre Libellus, the missing pages of the Principia Discordia. Discordian Koans, Katos and other Te-Chings from Goddess Eris Kallisit Discordia. And more …
   Panpleasant Profederacy of Eris Proleteriat Preview Go
Additional wackiness Discordia-style. NOTICE: No fnords!! 100% friendly!!

   The Temple of the Flaming Pistachio Shell Preview Go
The homepage of writer and editor W. H. Horner. He is mainly interested in fantasy literature, but does not limit himself by genre. Get a feel for his writing, see what he is reading now, and think about getting him to edit your work!
   Église Multiverselle de Spamétique Preview Go
Spametics the New Science of Recycling
   Angles Among Us Preview Go
Why the hell is everyone on about angels all the time? Surrounding us, Among us, and all in between us (even in very small places) are miraculous angles: bringing joy and love to our miserable lives.
   Cracked Windows Preview Go
Under construction, but eventually about everything wierd in our society.
   The Cabal Of The Overripe Kiwifruit Preview Go
Hello! Hello! I am happy! See the apples run and jump! Hoppity skip says the zodiac!
   Infinity Complex Preview Go
Underground due to Mediocrity, cut-ups, art, rants Home of Psionic Plastic Joy Magazine
   A reality tunnel that can lead you to your own nirvana, Preview Go
This grand and glorius revelation was unveiled to our Powerful Prophet of Eris, Pontificus Infidelibus, through our goddess's one divine channel, a bowl of Alpha-Bits1. Yea, should any initiate desire to confer with our holy goddess, simply make thyself a bowl of this ambrosia, and after the proper blessing2, and offering of hemp milk, the goddess Will ALWAYS speak through her divine vessel to her loyal subjects. However, since she is the goddess of CHAOS, most of what she says Will be .....

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