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Woodworking Ring - The ring for the professional and hobby woodworker.  We feature woodcarving, woodburning, and other fine art crafti

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Woodworking Ring

Manager: tattooed_ogre
WWW. WoodWorking Webring. This is the place for those who work with wood, craft wood or just wood. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Come find out with our ring and have fun.

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Spoons: An Introductory Project - 02/03/2013

    The goal of Get Woodworking Week is to encourage any admirers of the craft who may think they'd like to try it, to Get Going!  Beginners are often overwhelmed by the variety of woodworking subjects available to tackle, and have no idea where to begin, or how to prepare.  Be sure to check on the sponsor's blog, Tom Iovino at Tom's Workbench for many more articles to do with getting started in this rewarding craft.   This year I'm offering a suggestion on a beginning project that does not require a lot of investment in tools, or a shop full of power equipment.  Making a spoon will introduce a new woodworker to dealing with grain direction in the wood, to sanding and finishing techniques and a little bit of sharpening knowledge.  There are many YouTube videos and helpful websites available, so don't be intimidated!  You can carve a spoon with a pocket knife and a towel across your lap to catch the shaving, if you want to.   The history of wooden spoon making is as old as soup and stew.  And as for variety, you can make anything from a coffee stirrer to a ladle, to an Artistic Sculptured spoon only meant to be displayed and dusted.  You can make it however you want it, and for whatever purpose you wish to use it. Handcarved Spoons of various woods gifted to me by Albert Avila, from California.   It's best to have a scroll saw or a hand held coping saw to cut out the basic shape from a board, but it can be whittled o...

Spoons: An Introductory Project

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