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The Theatre & Art Webring - The Theater & Art Express Ring: All sites related to theatre and fine arts. Dance, music, stagecraft, acrobatics, acting

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The Theatre & Art Webring

Manager: lilithezine
The Theater & Art Express Ring: All sites related to theatre and fine arts. Dance, music, stagecraft, acrobatics, acting, actors, actresses, music, opera, puppetry, ballet, modern, art, painting, drawing, sculpture, stage design, sword fighting, fight choreography,fashion, costume design, movies, television, Star Trek, Star Wars. William Shatner was a Shakespearean actor before Star Trek. Leonard Nimoy was a photographer. Theater of all kinds, amateur and professional are welcome here. This is a multi-language ring for sites in ALL English, French (Francais), Spanish (Espanol), Italian, and German (Deutsch) theatre. Hindu, Punjabi, Chinese, Japanese, Korean (Hangugo) and all languages of theatre welcome. Shakespeare, Bertolt Brecht, Italian opera, French opera. Alternative theatre. Amateur theatre. Stratford England. Stratford Ontario. New York. Hollywood. London. Paris. Rome. Venice. Berlin. Munich. Hong Kong. Sites about Jesus Christ Superstar (rock opera) also welcome. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ein ring for amateurtheatergroups and institutions. Ein deutscher Amateurtheaterring fuer alle Amateurtheatergruppen, Schauspieler, Institutionen und Buehnen. Referenten und Dozenten sind ebenfalls herzlich wilkommen. Fachbereiche Maske, Schminke und Technik im Amateurtheaterbereich ebenfalls. - - - - - - - - The logo for this ring is from the OLD Romeo and Juliet movie in which the girl who played Juliet was 15 years old and in the movie they show her breast for half a second. Whatever. I like the new movie (even though Leonardo DiCaprio BLOWS!) better. Now if only Quentin Taratino would do a version of Hamlet...

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